"Salvage excavationsare are being carried out
at the site of this recently discovered ancient
city which will be submerged beneath the waters
of the Yortanlı Dam. Allianoi is situated at Paşa
Thermal Spa 18 km from Bergama on the
Ivrindi road.

These ruins must be those of Allianoi where the
Romanan A Aristides underwent treatment as
described in his Sacred Tales (III 6).

The hot springs at Allianoi have a temperature
of 45-50C. The city covers an area of 200 x 300
metres, stretching from east to west. The most
important building here is the spa which covers
an area of 9700 sqm. Other structures
discovered here so far include bridges, roads,
shops, fountains and insula dating from the
Roman period, Byzantine dwellings, church,
chapels, necropolises, pottery and glass kilns.

Finds also include sculpture, ceramics, metal,
bone and glass objects and large numbers of

Allianoi was first settled in late Hellenistic times,
but was transformed by a major building
programme during the reign of the Roman
Emperor Hadrian (117-138 AD).

Under the Byzantines, secular and religious
buildings were constructed on top of those of
those of the Roman period and remained in use
until the 11th- 12th centuries.

The excavations are being carried out in asso-
ciation with the Ministry of Culture, the State
Water Administration, Philip Morris Sabanci, the
Bergama Yortanlı Rescue Society and Trakya
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